Betel Nut Accessories

Betel Nut Accessories.
Betel nut chewing in Timor holds great significance and has reached ritual like proportions. The Timorese create an amazing array of accessories to compliment this much reverred pastime.

Betel Nut Bags (aluk) some elaborately decorated and others simply sporting traditional Timorese Motif.

Betel nut cutters in 4 different shapes (almost none being made any more) called IRIS PUA, or potong siri.

Betel nut crushers for when your teeth are so worn down from chewing you need the assistance of a screwdriver type pounder with a buffalo horn or wooden base. Called Tumbuk Pua.

A stunning array of betel nut, tobacco and lime powder containers made from bamboo, buffalo horn, bone, gourd, wood & coconut shell. Called Kal au/tiba in local language or Tempat kapur (place of lime in INdonesian) many are decorated with implements or traditional tribal motifs and symbols of power.

If we are really lucky we might be able to find the old and new beaded betel nut bags and lime powder containers.

See individual listings in this section for a veritable Aladdins cave of Betel nut treasures. Freight is additional if not already quoted in listing. We accept EFT and DD within Australia and Paypal from our international clients.

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