Bamboo Betel Nut/Tobacco

This style of container is called a Tiba and generally has the wider neck to house the Betel Nut, Siri stick or leaf and tobacco that accompanies the lime powder, which when chewed together in correct proportions, creates the orange wad that is often seen in the betel nut chewing ritual. It is not unknown for these containers also to occasionally hold the lime powder.
Made deliberately of a different shape and generally with less intricate carving adorning it to make it easier to find in the dark of a hut or when fishing around inside the men’s aluk or betel nut bag.

Most of the traditional Timorese men create their own containers although some, as in any art, are better than others. There is local trading among the Timorese that ensures that the better craftsmen are kept busy. This also means that there is always a wonderful variety of containers available both for the Atoni and us.