Bamboo Lime Powder Containers

Here is a fine selection of the diverse BAMBOO Lime & Betel Nut containers from the central highlands of West Timor.
Most of the traditional Timorese men create their own containers although some as in any art are better than others. There is local trading among the Timorese that ensures that the better craftsmen are kept busy and means that there is always a wonderful variety of containers available both for us and them.

The precision with which they are created using the simplest of tools has to be seen to be appreciated. Some are specific for Lime Powder ( Kal au ) and some are specifically used to house the Betel Nut and Tobacco ( Tiba ).

In general the making of Kal au and Tiba is a past time that men engage in whilst resting beneath the trees from the toil of the garden in the middle of the day or beneath the grass thatch beehive shaped LOPO that is the day time rest/activity place.

The motifs are in the family so to speak and like the textiles are repeated with a slight variation in each piece created making each unique.

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Showing all 4 results