Ceremonial Skulls-Scrimshaw

The Timorese traditionally and ritually kill animals for ceremony such as Weddings and Funerals and as a supplementary food source. True to making the best use of the materials at hand Timor has a long tradition of carving bone and horn and further, imbibe them with the Atoni’s totemic guardian spirits.
Skulls are inscribed and carved for various purposes. Generally it is to do with the crop success and the overall wealth of the owner. Skulls offered in this section are generally older pieces that have gained their colouration or patina through being stored in the huts between uses.

There are two main bone carving villages high in the mountains of central West Timor who provide the needs of the entire western half of the island. Young and old, these carvers create some of the most breathtaking scrimshaw being produced in the world today. See also under Betel Nut-Bone Containers.

All bone and horn items have been Gamma Radiated to AQIS Standards.

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