Horsey things & Walk Sticks

Timorese ponies are legendary. The are small as their names denotes but sturdy strong animals. In this category we are offering a small selection of bridles, handmade blankets/sacks, bits and whips.

The crocodile motif echoes throughout Timorese handcraft from the carvings to the textiles. Timor island is known to its inhabitants as the land of the sleeping crocodile and there are many legends throughout Timorese folklore that allude to the relationship between the Atoni / Timorese and Besi / Crocodile

Offering a selection of the walking stick collection that we have. Owing to Post office limits on the length of parcels that we can send within Australia we are unable to offer anything over 105cm long. International clients however are welcome to email us for images of walking sticks that are over 105cm in length as there are not the same length restrictions as nationally.

Staying true to their Animist past many Timorese/Atoni from the central highlands of West Timor create images that reflect nature in the material (world).

Using age old techniques and tools that have not changed much in the last 400 years the creators of these works of art have imbibed much of the Timorese spirit of independence and self sufficiency in to each unique piece.

All items have been treated to AQIS standards.

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