Petrified Fossil Coral Sculptures

The talented carvers from Hane in the central highlands of West Timor have brought new life to this exciting ancient medium. They have made use of 6-10 million year old fossilised brain coral, Symphillia and Platygyra, formed in the Miocene era, to carve these astonishingly effective sculptures. In doing so they continue a long tradition of creating totemic fetishes and honour an age old craft. The individual granulation of each piece of coral evokes a very special feeling when carved. Every one unique. These pieces weather well inside or out.

The coral is from the Sunu incline around the area of Hane in the central highlands of West Timor and dates to the Miocene era. Timor is described as an “uplifted faulted margin of the former Australian craton composed of Permian to Cretaceous aged rock. Miocene and lower rocks form a thin layer in some areas.

After many months I have finally secured a positive identification and status for these amazing corals. The Department of Environment and Water Resources, who acts on behalf of CITES, has agreed that they are a petrified fossil and not a risk as they are a technically a rock. Certification will come in your parcel unless you request otherwise. This creation has been coated with metal armor to ensure its long lasting display.