10 MYO Fossil Coral


Look and see this unique presentation of Carved and Uncarved FOSSIL CORAL from Miocene Fossil beds near SoE in the highlands of Central West Timor.

Several years ago the artists of Timor and I were looking for a alternative medium to use to translate the traditional Timorese cultural icons. The craftsmen and women of Hane struck on the idea of using the 10 million year old fossil coral Symphillia and Platygyra spp. that they have to painstakingly remove from their mountain gardens in order to eeek out their subsistence level existence. It has proved an excellent solution to multiple challenges.

The carved masks and sculputral pieces have been treated with a metal armor to solidify the calcium base of the coral.

This year I was able to obtain a number of blocks for you to carve. Artists and Sculptors lend your hand to this very special medium. The granulation and formations of the coral make this a very special medium to work with. You need only a sturdy knife. I have found that oyster knives are good. The Timorese artisans use a machete and a pen knife to create their works of art.

Certification has been obtained for the sale of the FOSSIL CORAL allowing it to travel internationally.