Rock Faces & Timorites -Manganes

ROCK FACES : The strong animist sense of the Timorese or Atoni people is often expressed in Mother Earths most abundant mediums. Usually set into the earth near fields, paths or huts these faces in the rock connect the earth to spirit and oversee our day to day activities. Timorese artists take great pride and gain satisfaction from creating entities to honour her abundant resources. Using little more than a pen knife the artists of these fine pieces seek to bring us closer to the world of nature that allows our very existence on this amazing planet.

ANIMIST: The Atoni people from the highlands of central West Timor place great meaning on stones from nature. Whether found in the stomach of an animal or at the base of a cliff or in a special ritual site these rocks, stones and fossils embody the essence of the Animist roots that still pervade Timorese society today. Some are said to give off rainbows when dropped into water whilst others are said to spin when placed into large oyster shells and held over sea water and some even sing in response to questions asked.

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