Kapok Natural fiber Pillow Bolster Doona Mattress Chemcial Free Vegan-fr.incl.

Our Vision statement: “To provide a chemical free, durable value for money bedding system”.
Our Mission statement: “Sustainable job creation, bringing affordable organic natural fiber bedding solutions to everyday Australian’s”.
“From grass roots to You. Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries”

Our mission is to make available sustainable toxin free natural fiber bedding whilst supporting low impact capacity building industry for villagers throughout the Indonesian archipelago. No chemicals are used in the growing, cultivation, cleaning, transportation, importation or making of our fantastic selection of naturally organic kapok products.

Sleep on a kapok mattress, under a kapok doona; atop a kapok pillow; and align your body with a kapok bolster or meditation cushion.
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THE BIGGEST RANGE, EXCELLENT QUALITY, GREAT PRICES. Established 1995. VEGAN, cruelty free, low impact, sustainable, chemical free, durable, non-toxic…lots of good info on our info page.

Kapok is making a comeback. Hollow-fil, dacron and other micro fibers are created from coal & petroleum products that make plastic. They were made to mimick some of the magical properties of Kapok. Some of my clients have a recollection of lumpy pillows from their childhood. What we often did not know is that being a natural fiber there is slight compaction over time however Kapok possesses the unique ability to ‘puff back up’ when placed in sunlight. Therefore regular airing/refreshing [monthly] is super good for refreshing you and your pillow. Also we have invented a unique ‘blowing’ technique that adds an extra dimension of comfort to our already Heavenly Head pillows.

Kapok is also naturally anti-bacterial therefore dust/bed mites cannot live in them and kapok is moisture resistant therefore will not soak up your sweat, it even floats due to its short light hollow fibers.

Kapok has many benefits both to humans and the eco-systems in which they grow. The fiber comes from the fallen seed pods of a giant rainforest tree. It is a silky soft but supportive natural fiber. Kapok fiber is wild harvested by villagers across the length and breadth of the Indonesian archipelago creating sustainable low impact jobs. The tree does not need to be cultivated, fertilised or harvested, the seed pods fall to the ground each year, for its bounty to be gathered and cleaned in villages before being sent to town centres for machine cleaning, this keeps the forests intact.

DOONA’s – Our unique blowing technique is perfect for the filling of the tubes of our doona and for our fantastic pillows.

KAPOK FILLED HEAVENLY HEAD SLEEP PILLOWS – you can select from Certified ORGANIC COTTON or HEMP/ORGANIC COTTON BLEND SHELL with or without zipper. You can even request low, med or high loft; ALL FOR THE SAME GREAT PRICE.
We also have limited numbers of CALICO, Poly-cotton inner shells.
All pillows are made and filled here in Australia. Organic fabric from Blessed Earth, HEMP blend from HempWA. We have developed a unique ‘blowing’ technique that adds an extra dimension of comfort to our already heavenly head pillows.

Do you want to stock our unique products? Just contact us. Wholesale quantities apply.

Brunswick Heads Health Food Shop in NSW, Ecolateral, St Morris SA, Ecofilling in Blairgowrie Vic. are current agents. Darwin Yoga Space, City Yoga Zone & Flametree Yoga in Darwin all use and can supply our bolsters to you. Many Radiant Light Yoga practitioners and teachers also prefer our kapok bolsters for its chemical free, sustainable low impact, durable qualities. Ask your local bedding supplier, health food or organic shop or yoga school if they would like to stock our fabulous kapok range. Contact Julie for wholesale details email julie@timortreasures.com or call 07 5449 1498.

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