Doona, Quilt, Duvet, Comforter non-toxic Kapok Filled Vegan-fr. incl.

We are really pleased to introduce
DOONA, Quilt, Duvet, Comforter– Kapok filled inside Oeko-Tex® cotton shells.

Our doona shells are made with Oeko-Tex® cotton and we have chosen to begin our range with the walled channel style. By having a short wall between the channels you will not get the thin or cold spots that doona’s that are stitched direct from top to bottom layer. We are also offering the choice of free-flowing channels or 2 styles of non-shifting, meaning that every 12cm there is a stitch or tag that prevents the kapok from running down the channel and bunching at one end.

The 2 styles of non-shifting come in a hand-stitched cotton version or a short nylon T bar version (you know the kind of nylon T tags that drycleaners use to tag your ticket onto the clothes). When the doona cover is on I do not feel the T bar and it is super short and ideal for the task of preventing the kapok from running down the channel and provides a less expensive option than the hand-stitched version. We currently offer single, double, queen and king size in a winter weight however given kapoks thermal properties it is sometimes remarked upon by others as having the ability to breathe so well that it can be used in Australia’s autumn and spring as well.

No chemicals are used in the growing, cultivation, cleaning, transportation, importation or making of our fantastic selection of naturally organic kapok products.

Because we make the doona’s here in Australia we are able to offer a personalised service. We have noted that in some couples one of the partners sleeps hot and the other sleeps cold….we have a solution, for a little extra we can make your queen or king size doona 1/2-1/2, in other words we can make one side of it with summer weight kapok fill and the other half with winter weight. Tailor made doona’s. Send us an email with your requirements and we will contact you.

Personally, having trialed a kapok doona I must pass on comments about having just spent this winter beneath one of our stitched models and I am finding that the breathing quality does indeed compensate and it is only a rare warm morning that I might poke a leg out from under it.

We rate our doona’s as winter=2-3 blankets , mid season = 1-2 blankets, summer = 1 blanket and xtra-warm as 3-5 blankets. You must also take into consideration whether you are a warm or a cool sleeper as this will make a difference to your selection.

We will be creating our summer or hot sleeper doona’s shortly, more trialing to be done here but summer is coming so stay tuned.

Your KAPOK doona will enjoy being placed in sunlight once a fortnight or so and will last you years if not decades. A healthy investment.

From Grass Roots to You – Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries.

Kapok is the best reasonably priced hypo-allergenic, lightweight non-toxic alternative to synthetics. A natural fiber for Vegan’s which is cruelty free, it comes from the fallen seed pods of a giant rainforest tree. Kapok trees do not need cultivating or fertilizing and nor are they cut down to harvest its bounty. The fallen seed pods are wild gathered by villagers who do a preliminary clean before selling it to traders who transport it to the larger centers for thorough cleaning prior to export. There are no chemicals used in the growing, processing, importing or manufacturing our kapok products. Kapok is also moisture and mold and dust mite resistant.

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