Fibre Grade 1-naturally organic Kapok Fiber-fr.incl

All the KAPOK fiber you need to create your own pillows, mattresses, toys, meditation accessories or thermal clothing….and more. The uses for Kapok fiber are vast (see our info page). You are welcome to contact us to bounce around new ideas. Kapok, the true vegan, non-toxic, low-impact, sustainable ECO fiber.

Grade 1 fibre is combed and brushed and debris free. 200g – 1kg – 2kg – 20kg Bales POA. We can supply thin latex gloves and a simple breathing mask upon request. Do not worry…Our Kapok is completely chemical free, rather we provide this as a service as Kapok fiber is superfine and can get up your nose or stick to sweaty hands.

Freight is included in the prices listed here. You can order directly through this website or you are welcome to email or call us 07 5449 1498.

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