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In this section you will find our fabulous selection of Kapok filled Mattress, Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Mats and Cot Mattress (the cot mattress comes with a free organic cotton baby sleep pillow). Kapok, the best non toxic sustainable, vegan ECO fiber. Our mattresses are not fumigated nor treated with fire retardant.

No chemicals are used in the growing, cultivation, cleaning, transportation, importation or making of our fantastic selection of naturally organic kapok products.

Offering 2 sizes of mattress & Cot mattress filled with freshly cleaned Naturally Organic Kapok Fiber in a poly/cotton shell – Organic cotton mattress toppers are available through BIOME for those of you with chemical sensitivities who would like a layer of organic cotton over the poly cotton mattress shell.

Ideally our mattresses will be placed on wooden slatted bed bases. Measure your bed and create the right size by combining our mattresses. 2 mattresses side by side makes it easy to lift and rotate and take outside once every month or so to repuff in the sunshine…see images on listings as proof. Clients have asked me if it is possible to feel the join in the centre – my answers are; 1/ if you have a mattress protector, no. 2/ if you sleep one side of the bed or the other, no. 3/ I barely feel the join as the mattresses are the same height so another no.

Freight within Australia is included in the prices quoted here. Email us for international postage. All freight prices are subject to change.

Kapok mattresses are light and easy to handle they have been filled with luscious Kapok that is a wonderful vegan sustainable alternative to chemically treated cotton and synthetics. Naturally organic Kapok is hypo-allergenic with its own anti-bacterial properties and comes from the seed pod of a majestic tree. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fair trade natural fiber fill for pillows, mattresses, mats and bolsters. Kapok is water and moisture resistant, soft yet supportive.

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