Masks Medium - 15-30cm/6"-12"

A selection of hand carved wooden masks from East and West Timor between 15cm/6″ and 30cm/12″ tall. Created in the village between 1970 and 2015.

Still made today using little more than a pen knife and a machete these masks serve to remind us how real the links to the past are within tribal existence. True to the West Timorese Animist tradition the masks that come to us are unaffected by the world outside the villages and kampongs. Each one an original, as individual as the carver.

Timorese masks fall into 3 main categories. Those made with paddle handles that are used to ‘hide’ ones face when raiding a neighbour in times of hunger. Those made to be placed inside the hut above the front entrance that repels anyone with evil intent and allowing people of good intent to pass through the doorway and also used by Atoni men to ‘put on a face’ when dancing.

As a fellow field collector says ” and then there are those that find you”.

Check individual listings for which freight category your mask falls into to get an idea of postage. Or you are welcome to call us on + 61 7 54491498 or email

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