Pottery & Ceramics

Pottery from Timor is getting harder and harder to obtain and transport. Thus I have only money pots to offer at this time. I hope to be able to work out a safe way to ship in the near future to expand on the offerings in this category.
There are two main pottery making villages in the TTS and TTU provinces of the central highlands of West Timor. Benlutu creates often whimsical pieces as well as those more practical such as water, cooking herb, money and medicinal pots. Maubesi pots are of a far more practical nature. Water pots of all sizes being their specialty. Each week appx 100 are taken to the large regional market and none ever go home with the makers. The money gained is used to purchase needs and necessities of the villagers.

During the 400 year Dutch colonization of what was known as the Dutch East Indies many ceramics , bottles and swords made their way into the hands of various families throughout Timor. Occasionally those plates etc survived the centuries and even more rarely I am offered them to buy. Here I present 4 such offerings.

If you are interested in swords please go to that section under CURIOS.