Scarves Handwoven from TTS Central West Timor

In this section I have created space specifically dedicated to the amazingly varied textiles that are representative of this small but distinctive area. Over 140,000 people reside in an area appx. 70km x 70km. It is essentially a limestone uplift from the Australian plate which makes for very poor soil and household incomes are supplemented through textile and livestock sales which both work to reaffirm cultural integrity.

Each weaving has dedicated information about the motif, village of origin, natural or commercial dyes, hand-spun or commercial thread and where possible honors the weaving women with their names. It is not possible to give names to each textile as many textiles are brought to me through intermediaries called [anak buah] as women are often committed to the daily routine of survival in their kampongs.

Although many women no longer weave the talent, stories and natural dyes are still there so long as we stimulate the appreciation and sales within the wider community this will encourage women and girls to continue this heartfelt textile tradition.
i have many more not able to be listed here…so get in touch with me if you want to know or see more Ok.