Fossils - Ammonites, Blastoids, Shells , Oids & Coral-Miocene & Permain

In this section we present an excellent cross section of most of the varieties of Fossils present in todays geostrata in West Timor.

There are 2 main fossil beds being exposed as the Australian plate pushes up over the Asian plate offering us 300MYO Permain/Upper Triassic BLASTOIDS, CRINOIDS, DENTOIDS & AMMONITES as well as a smorgosboard for 6MYO Miocene SHELLS BRACH’S, GASTROPODS and fabulous FOSSIL CORALS from the SoE – Hane area.

Certification has been obtained for the sale of the FOSSIL CORAL allowing it to travel internationally.

Included in this section are STONE GRINDING TOOLS and carved ROCK FACES.

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