In this catagory you will find a wonderful selection of the traditional mens blankets or selimut or betana as they are known in local language. Still handwoven on simple backstrap looms from both handspun cotton and commercial threads and natural or aniline dyes.
They are worn daily in the highlands of Timor where the winters can be bitterly cold. Men usually own 2, one is wrapped around the waist during the day and thrown over the shoulders in the cool of the night.
These selimuts are collectors items and can also provide useful functions such as throws or covers for chairs,sofas, tables and are excellent coveralls for computers, stereos & TVs’. Because most of them are woven in 2 panels (it is not physically possible to handweave a width of more than 75cm on a backstrap loom) then joined it is possible to easily create a poncho or fashion item by unpicking part or all of the central seam.

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