Bolster Body 90cm incl cover & fr.



90cm long x 18cm diameter x 66cm circumference. Medium density. 1300g freshly cleaned kapok.

Kapok filled calico shell with cotton drawstring cover = $80 ea. includes freight within Australia.

Range of covers available, navy blue, royal blue, burgundy, bottle green, mid green, chocolate, teal, black, purple (please specify preference when ordering).

Also known as Dutch wives or Sailors Comforts these non-toxic, portable, elegant pillows help alleviate back pain while sleeping and encourage an aligned body and restorative sleep.

Filled with fabulous Kapok fibre these bolsters work as a sleeping aid and greatly assist pregnant women: they offer relief from the effects of gravity. Side sleeping can collapse the shoulders and hips. But when hugging this cylindrical pillow, the shoulders and chest are kept open and wide. By throwing your top leg over the bolster and straightening the bottom leg the pillow keeps the hips wide and in line with the knees reducing spinal twist whilst sleeping. The fetal curl is the best sleeping position according to some chiropractors.

If using a full length body pillow for sleeping it is recommended to place your head on a separate pillow and not on the body pillow. Placing the head on the body pillow, as shown on some websites, will result in a stiff neck as it pushes the neck out of alignment.

Your bolster is filled with appx. 1300g of freshly cleaned kapok inside a calico inner. Removable drawstring covers are optional. Kapok has the advantage of being malleable and able to be shaped to your body. Slight compaction will occur over time but Kapok will ‘Fluff up’ by being placed in direct sunlight. Fortnightly is preferable but not critical.

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Bolsters made from Kapok have many advantages over their conventional counterparts. Kapok fiber is lightweight & does not absorb moisture, nor does it mould and kapok fiber has its own anti-bacterial properties given by nature which gives Kapok its hypo-allergenic status. Natural sustainable fiber and its Vegan too!

Kapok provides support with softness because of its hollow fibers. Light and easy to carry these non-toxic bolsters are ideally suited to the task. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fairly trade, naturally organic, eco fiber in the world. Slight compaction will occur over time but Kapok will ‘Fluff up’ by being placed in direct sunlight. Fortnightly is preferable but not critical.

No chemicals are used in the growing, cleaning, transportation or making of our products. We make most of our products here in Australia.

For more information about the wonders of KAPOK go to A3 Kapok Information.


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