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Black nylon webbing cradle specifically cut for the purpose. Sturdy well loved teak. Elegant tribal motif bands on handle with well worn patina thumb space at base of the Y.

17cm tall x 9cm across tip of Y.

6.75″ tall x 3.5″ across tip of Y.


The slingshot, catapult or cartapel is still made and used daily by the Atoni in the highlands of central West Timor and is responsible for the near annihilation of many bird species. The kills supplement the meagre diet eeked out of the limestone based soil for the mainly subsistence level farmers who make and create these living arts.

I have a variety of new and old cartapel to offer. All handles have been hand carved and proved in action. The cradle has been specifically made and bound by the most inexpensive and available rubber in bands.

The rubber bands will perish in time. Take note of the looping so that when need be you can replace them. If you are not a purist your cartapel will benefit from refurbishing with strips from the inner tube of a tyre.

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