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Untitled documentOffering you this DADU or Timorese dice. The body has been hand carved from solid piece of red cedarwood from which has also been created the shank.

This is the Timorese version of the dice. Called DADU by the locals they have been created by hand to replace the traditional 6 sided cube. In this wonderful variation the game spinner uses a smooth curved surface then, putting the shank between the tips of the thumb and forefinger, much like a spinning top, spins the dice then covers it with a cup. The players bet on the number that its upper face shows once the cup is lifted to reveal. The game is called MAIN JUDI. Look out Casino’s.

The Timorese also create DADU using bamboo, wood, horn both buffalo and cow, bone and occasionally deer antler. These lovely little creations are not easy to come by as they are still very much in use amongst the Atoni. Indonesian authorities are moving to curb the game in the poorer highland areas where there is little to spare at the best of times. From the comfort of their offices they forget that life in the kampongs is tough and a little recreation can be balm for many issues.

5cm / 2″ long

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