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Created by hand from various timbers, I have a selection of cotton drop spindles used by the Atoni in the highlands of central West Timor. Used in conjunction with a ceramic dish (usually a broken piece) that has grey ash in it, the spinner takes cigar shaped rolls of cotton and proceeds to spin thread by twisting the spindle and working the thread on to the spindle. A time consuming but deeply meditative and satisfying occupation.

If you purchase a loom or a gin you will receive 2 spindles free with your purchase.

Average size is 8″ or 20cm with varying thicknesses on the stem and bulb.

Please order and we will respond advising shipping. We are happy to combine purchases to maximize freight.

Picture of weavers and cotton spinning process care of Aja Bordeville from Cultural Treasures in Canada. May not be reproduced except with express permission.

For more information about Timor and its culture go to www.timortreasures.com/julie or clik Visit Julies Site beneath the Paypal sign on home page.



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