C56 – Cotton Gin / Mangle


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Cotton gins are used to deseed cotton bholes prior to processing for spinning and weaving. This elaborate piece is a fine example of Timorese craftsmanship from the town of Niki Niki in the central highlands.

It is a decorative working model and comprises 10 pieces which can be dismantled. Heavily adorned with anthropomophic figures rising up both sides front and back and across the top and handle. Kaif diamond motif and birds decorate the tops of the side stands and kaif diamonds grace the other major cross piece. A short plank is usually put on the bottom cross piece and the operator sits on it to steady the gin during use.

Blackened redwood/kiyu merah.     You will receive 2 drop cotton spindles free with this purchase.

36.5cm tall x 40cm wide x 5cm deep.

14.5″ tall x 16″ wide x 2″ deep.


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Australia=$14- to $20-   depending on where you are.

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For more information about Timor and its culture go to www.timortreasures.com/julie or clik Visit Julies Site beneath the Paypal sign on home page.


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