C957 – 2 Horse Whip


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64cm long x 1.5cm dia.

25″ tall x .75″ dia.

43g / 1.5oz.

Offering 2 Whips of this style. Timorese have several differing styles that vary in materials used. These materials include buffalo horn tops with plaited hide whip, bamboo stems with wooden hand grips and several versions of these bamboo stems with differing grips. These two have bamboo stems with jungle vine plaited handle grips. These hand made horse whips are getting rarer and rarer as the older people who make them pass on without teaching the youngsters their trades. Whilst some of the craft knowledge is being passed on there are others that I fear will disappear altogether and I have not seen ‘new’ horse accessories for a while.

Because of the diameter of this treasure it must be sent as a parcel. You can put 3 or more items of similar weights into one parcel to maximize shipping.

Freight is additional. See Zz freight tables in the categories list. Category A. Insurance and or tracking is additional. Freight prices are subject to change.

The strong little Timorese pony are still active throughout Timor. The ponies are ridden to markets and it is a delightful sight to see them tethered in a rough paddock on the outskirts of the market as their owners shop for weekly supplies. These are carried back to the UME (home) in home made hand-rolled string saddle bags lain across the rump beneath the ROPE woven saddle. There are also hand made bridles that have been created from handrolled rope and bits created from hand beaten brass or pieces of wire bound together.

If you google Timorese Pony I am sure you will find references….they also are , or used to be, wild throughout Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia. Brought there in little sampans across the Timor sea and traded with the aboriginals. The sturdy little pony is much revered for its strength and size, which does not put undue pressure on the minimal resources that the Timorese have to feed themselves and their animals with.


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