Essential Oil 3% Sandalwood in Organic Macadamia Oil – Dab on


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A 3% dilution of Timorese Sandalwood Essential Oil in Australian Organic Macadamia Oil presented in an amber 10ml glass bottle that has a dripolator for dab-on application. Roll-on clear bottle also available.

Freight is additional. To maximise postage consider combining this exquisite oil with some Sandalwood incense cones as they will travel for free in the same parcel.

Because of the delicate nature of this treasure it must be sent as a parcel. You can put 2 or 3 items of a similar weight into one parcel to maximize shipping.

Up to 500g/18oz  * (Airmail 10-14 days/Seamail 2-3 months)

You are welcome to combine shipping.  Insurance or registered additional.

Freight prices subject to change.

Santalum Album has been highly prized in both spiritual and medatitive circles and for perfumery for many centuaries now. This Timorese Sandalwood Oil was purchased prior to the devastation of East Timor in 1999 direct from the distillery. Timorese Sandalwood Oil constitutes some of the last wild stands on the planet. That coming from Mysore in India is from cultivated stock. The Sandalwood tree requires a host for its first year, being a parasite and is best harvested after 30 years. Essential Oils improve with age when correctly stored.

Postage is additional, please refer Zz Freight section at the end of categories list on the left hand side of the page. Any questions just ask OK.


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