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I have a variety of these interesting coconut shell masks from various carvers throughout TTS, Central south Timor.

This first example has smooth cool feeling to the coconut shell and the artist has used the natural features of the coconut to assist in effecting the face with no addtional carving apart from the eyes and mouth. If the shell has a tip then it forms the nose. Half of the shell is used.

Sizes vary from 2.5cm dia to 15cm dia.

1" to 6" dia.

Weight is approximately is from 25g/1oz. to 100g/3.5 oz.

$3aud each.

Please email for further images and freight cost.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome as I have a number of them but true to the uniqueness of Timorese tradition do not expect any of them to be exactly the same.

Handcarved using the simplest of tools from wood, bone, coral and coconut Timorese masks fall into 3 main categories. Those made with paddle handles that are used to 'hide' ones face when raiding a neighbour in times of hunger. Those made to be placed inside the hut above the front entrance that repel anyone with evil intent and allow people of good intent to pass through the doorway and also used by Atoni men to 'put on a face' when dancing.

As a fellow field collector says "and then there are those that find you".

All items have been treated to AQIS standards.


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