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I can offer selections of coconut shell (tempurung) masks. They come in a variety of classes from simpler more basic ones to this style here which is well finished and with additional flourishes of carvings. The masks vary in size as well. Wholesalers are welcome to let us know what size, style, price range you are interested in.

The masks are from various carvers throughout TTS in the highlands of Central south Timor.

This particular example is the work of Pak Saul Tse of Hane. He renders a simple coconut interesting with features that speak to you. With a little additional carving, such as flowing lines He accentuates the natural shape of the shell to enhance the eyes and mouth.

Sizes all appx 10cm/4" dia.

Weight appx. 80g/3oz.

Handcarved using the simplest of tools from wood, bone, coral and coconut Timorese masks fall into 3 main categories. Those made with paddle handles that are used to 'hide' ones face when raiding a neighbour in times of hunger. Those made to be placed inside the hut above the front entrance that repel anyone with evil intent and allow people of good intent to pass through the doorway and also used by Atoni men to 'put on a face' when dancing.

As a fellow field collector says "and then there are those that find you".

Depending on how many and what size masks you would like please email us and we will send you a photo selection of some that are available. The freight tables are on the left hand side of the page in categories under Zz freight.

All items have been treated to AQIS standards.


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