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Offering this delightful set of 3 small masks. All hand carved by different artists from the Highlands of Central West Timor.

From 5.5cm – 12.5cm tallest

From 2.25″- 5″tallest

8.5g / 3.2oz.

Super light it is possible that we can send these treasures to you in a stiff padded envelope. Best to use Table A in Zz freight at the bottom of the categories menu  to calculate postage. We will advise if it is less.Registered or insured is additional and freight prices are subject to change.

The History of the Timorese MASK

Still made today using little more than a pen knife and a machete these masks serve to remind us how real the links to the past are within tribal existence. True to the West Timorese Animist tradition these masks come to us unaffected by the world outside the villages and kampongs. Each mask is an original, as individual as their carver.

Handcarved using the simplest of tools from wood, bone, coral and coconut Timorese masks fall into 3 main categories. Those made with paddle handles that are used to ‘hide’ ones face when raiding a neighbour in times of hunger. Those made to be placed inside the hut above the front entrance that repels anyone with evil intent and allowing people of good intent to pass through the doorway and also used by Atoni men to ‘put on a face’ when dancing.

As a fellow field collector says “and then there are those that find you”.

All items have been treated to AQIS standards.


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