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The more elaborate glazed money pots are from Benlutu and cost $15ea. Freight is additional. Please email us or order and we will advise the most ecomonical freight to your destination.

The main display Money pot with handles and no "plug". is rom a pottery project in Besikama founded by the same people who started the Sarawak venture. Difficulty and distance from any packing and shipping has meant that the project in West Timor supplies the local market only. They do make some great pots of the large garden variety but I am restricted in the same way as they are when it comes to bringing craft of this type out of Timor. These pots are $15 ea plus freight.

The dried clay is first pounded to a fine powder, sifted then mixed with water to a firm dough. Using a smooth stone and rib bone of a cow or buffalo then begin to pat out the clay to form the pots. The pots are allowed to set a while then brushed to create the burnished almost glazed look. They are decoratred afterwards.

Average diameter and height is 20cm or 8". 

From 700g.


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