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Decorated and made entirely by hand this un-glazed Tempat Siri is made to hold the betel nut. Almost every household in Timor has one and it is an intergral part of the socialized culture surrounding ritual betel nut chewing in Timor. There is a tray in the top which enables the householder to keep some stashed beneath and no one will ask for it unless it is offered.

Perfect for your jewellery or other more authentic articles.

16cm long x 8cm high x 12.5cm wide

6.25″ long x 3″ high x 5″ wide.

Appx weight 830g/1lb13oz

This pottery has been made by The Benulutu Co-operative in TTS, West Timor. First the people (kids included) pound the dried clay , sift it then mix with water to a firm dough. Using a smooth stone and rib bone of a cow or buffalo the women begin to pat out the clay to meld together to form their shapes. The results are then carefully stacked and firewood sticks are placed around the stack to bake them. They come in many sizes but transportation from Timor is an exercise in itself.

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