Roll 40cm -incl fr. Massage Neck & Lumbar



40cm long x 15cm diameter. Firm density.

500g Kapok Fibre in a calico inner shell with [optional] cotton drawstring cover = $42 ea.

includes freight within Australia with Australia Post. Express is additional.

Covers available in Pale blue, sky blue, royal blue, navy, chocolate, purple, olive green, bottle green, yellow, mustard & pale checked blue. Please state your color preference when ordering.

EFT or DD preferred, chqs and money orders OK, you can now use your credit card through paypal. Credit card service coming soon.

Packed with freshly cleaned kapok inside a calico inner. Kapok provides support with softness because of its hollow fibers & is moisture resistant. Slight compaction will occur over time but Kapok will ‘Fluff up’ by being placed in direct sunlight. Fortnightly is preferable but not critical.

This handy roll can be placed vertically along the spine or horizontally across the lumbar region when sitting or driving. As well its uses for neck and lumbar relief this useful little roll can be used in various positions to aid sleeping and they are fabulous to rest on when just sitting around relaxing.

MASSEUSES will find that it is the perfect size to place beneath your client’s ankles when they are lying face down and below the knees when your clients are lying on their back. It straightens the lower spine to have the knees slightly bent and after all that good work you have done to release the lower back this lovely roll makes sure that work is not undone and your client is comfortable.

Place your order through the shopping cart on this site or email us or you are welcome to call us 07 5449 1498. We will have a new dedicated KAPOK website with shopping cart going live soon. …. watch out for


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Bolsters made from Kapok have many advantages over their conventional counterparts. Kapok fiber is lightweight & does not absorb moisture, nor does it mould and kapok fiber has its own anti-bacterial properties given by nature so bugs cannot live in it and which gives Kapok its hypo-allergenic status. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fair trade naturally organic eco fiber.

For more information about the wonders of KAPOK go to Kapok Info & About Us.

Our range includes pillows, cushions, neck & lumbar rolls, baby belly rolls, mattresses, cot mattress, mediation/yoga/zen thai shiatsu mats, breast feeding cushions & zafu in calico shell. We offer 2 grades of kapok fiber in varying quantities for you to create your own fabulous kapok products. Ideal non-toxic fill for soft toys. We have Certified Organic Cotton and Hemp/Organic Cotton Shell pillows filled with grade one kapok with stitched closure or with a zipper down the side. All made here in Australia.

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