Baby Belly Roll Sleep Set -incl fr.


BABY Belly Sleep Roll set

We have created this baby sleep set so that your baby cannot roll whilst sleeping…the soft kapok filled rolls either side of baby prevent your baby rolling over. The roll is also the perfect size for placing a colicky baby across it and gently rubbing their back with a slow rocking back and forward motion to remove unwanted air. As my brother said one day….”We can land a man on the moon but we still have not worked out how to get the bubbles out of babies!”.

Baby Belly Rolls are 20cm long x 5cm diameter. Medium/Soft packed. Each bolster is filled with appx. 100g. of freshly cleaned kapok sewn into a calico inner. The simple Flannelette cover is removable for washing. Slight compaction will occur over time but Kapok will ‘Fluff up’ by being placed in direct sunlight. Monthly is preferable but not critical. No chemicals are used in the growing, cultivation, cleaning, transportation or production of our fantastic range.

Kapok fiber comes from the seed pods of a naturally occurring rainforest tree, is lightweight, hypo-allergenic, naturally organic and contains it’s own natural anti-bacterial properties. No chemicals are used in the growing, cleaning, transportation or producing our rolls.

$33 per set with removable cover includes postage anywhere in Australia. We use Australia Post. Express is additional.

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Bolsters made from Kapok have many advantages over their conventional counterparts. Kapok fiber is lightweight & does not absorb moisture, nor does it mould and kapok fiber has its own anti-bacterial properties given by nature which gives Kapok its hypo-allergenic status. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fair trade naturally organic eco fiber.

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At last a chemical free natural fiber pillow that is soft yet supportive. Kapok is a wonderful lightweight alternative to toxic synthetics. Naturally organic Kapok is also malleable and able to be shaped to the contours of your head. You can simply shake your pillow gently after use and it will return to its original shape. Kapok is the most environmentally friendly, economical, fair trade natural eco fiber fill and its Vegan too!

Kapok fiber is moisture resistant therefore does not mould, it even floats! Kapok is dust mite resistant because Kapok has its own anti-bacterial properties given by nature, this also gives Kapok its hypo- allergenic status. Kapok is firmer than sponge yet soft because of its hollow fibers. Slight compaction will occur over time but Kapok will ‘Fluff up’ by being placed in direct sunlight or in a dryer on low. Monthly is preferable but not critical. Care instructions on label.

Kapok, a pale silky fibre, is almost magical. It is soft, smooth, hygienic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan and environmentally friendly. It is breathable, allows air circulation and has healthful benefits. Kapok, Ceiba pentandra (Bombacaceae), is one of natures miracle trees and can grow as tall as 150ft in its native environment. The fibre itself comes from the seed pod of this majestic kapok tree. Much of the world’s kapok is wild harvested by locals therefore chemicals are not needed nor is the ground tilled in order to harvest its bounty, this helps keep the forest and timberland alive and healthy whilst provides sustainable low impact jobs within the forests.

If you have any further queries you are welcome to contact us before check-out.

Pillows of Kapok have been handed down between generations in Asian countries where it has been used as fill for mattress, bolsters and pillows for centuries. With correct care yours will last decades. There is no need to beat kapok, in fact beating breaks the natural fiber down faster. Kapok is happy to be pushed and moved into shape and loves being put into the sunshine to refluff.

For more information about the wonders of Kapok go to KAPOK INFO & ABOUT US

Our range includes pillows, cushions, neck & lumbar rolls, baby belly rolls, mattresses, cot mattress, mediation/yoga/zen thai shiatsu mats, breast feeding cushions, zafu and zabuton all in calico shells. We offer Grade 1 kapok fiber in varying quantities for you to create your own fabulous kapok products. Ideal non-toxic fill for soft toys.

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