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S252    An old male ancestoral figure from the village of ToE in the central highlands of West Timor. Depicted squatted on a base with folded arms indicating the sharing of wisdom. Weather worn features, well aged timber from time spent outside the hut guarding the earthbound inhabitants of the clan. The base indicates that this beautiful Timorese guardian spirit sat outside in the dirt watching over its charges. Hand carved using the simplest of tools on unknown wood. Estimated age 75 years.

This is a wonderfully rare and old example of the style of Timorese ancestor figures from the town of Nikki Nikki in the central highlands of West Timor. The carvers there still create figures depicted in this pose. Male figure, squatted with arms folded with elongated head and aqualine nose. Symbolising the connection to the spirit guides and acting as a portal to the physical realm.

70cm tall x 20cm dia.

27.5″ tall x 8″ dia.

Just over 6kg/16lb.

Timor has a long tradition of carving ancestor or guardian figures for various functions. One is to protect those still earthbound within the family and another is to use as a “photograph” to tell stories of the person to descendants. Fetish and fertility statues have their place in the society and are used by the Dukun or village Shaman to bring about auspicious circumstances for women and crops. Totem poles and offering platforms are still be be found dotted throughout the kampongs in the highlands.

Still carved today using little more than a machete and a penknife by those who continue the carving tradition. For more detailed information about Timor and I please go to www.timortreasures.com/julie  .

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