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A sensitively carved figure of a Timorese MEO Warrior in full dress. This includes a betel nut bag/aluk and handwoven blanket/selimut with a lovely diamond kaif motif, held up by a sash/saluf and bound by the traditional leather pouch belt with a machette and a sword with scabbard and topped with the traditional folded cloth Rajas crown. Contemporary piece.

Red Cedarwood – pterocarpus indicus that has been given this deep burgundy color by rubbing the raw timber with siri spears dipped in lime powder then created the polished effect using wild boars tusks.

39cm / 15.5″ tall.


Timor has a history of statue making as representation of ancestors who both watch over those still earth bound as well as the statues being used as a ‘photograph’ when telling the younger generations stories of the old ones.

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