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Offering a series of statues and ancestor images from the same artist. He has created them using the simplest of tools from red cedarwood / pterocarpus indicus in the highlands of central West Timor. An excellent example of contemporary traditional carving. In this series S322, S323, S325 you can gather together Male, Female, Ancestor figure and Lopo

Female figure bent knees on a decorated base with hands on belly. Plastic bead necklace and a bun.

Timor has a long tradition of carving ancestor or guardian figures for various functions. One is to protect those still earthbound within the family and another is to use as a “photograph” to tell stories of the person to descendants. Fetish and fertility statues have their place in the society and are used by the Dukun or village Shaman to bring about auspicious circumstances for women and crops. Totem poles and offering platforms are still be be found dotted throughout the kampongs in the highlands.

22cm long x 6.5cm wide.

8.75″ long x 2.5″ wide.


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