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KAL AU – Lime Powder container from the highlands of central West Timor.

This is an unusual example of the skill of the Timorese betel nut/kal au container maker. He decorated the motif with 2 tone red and green colour. Made entirely by hand from bamboo with red-cedarwood plug in the top and bottom. The motif is a well executed hook and rhomb called KAIF in a radiating diamond motif. Each ‘hook’ represents a member of the carvers clan and each ‘dot’ a totemic guardian spirit.

14.5cm / 5.75″ tall

26g  /  0.9oz.

Freight is additional. See Zz freight tables in the left hand categories column. Category A. Insurance and or tracking is additional.

Because of the diameter of this treasure it must be sent as a parcel. You can put 3 or more items of a similar weight into one parcel to maximize shipping.

For more information about Timor go to the Timor button and select anything from the drop down….and go on a Timorese adventure.


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