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Untitled documentWhat a fun little works of art these pieces are! The artist has used a lontar palm seed that has been hollowed out then hand selected and elegantly carved timber into the shape of a head capped with a pot that act as the plug then finished the piece with hand rolled string.

13cm  /  5″ tall

70g  /  2.4oz.

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Betel Nut chewing has reached ritual like proportions in the West Timor. Chewing of Betel has huge social as well as physical significance placed upon it. Betel to the Timorese is as the coco leaf is to the South American Indians. It puts extra oxygen into the bloodstream enabling the chewer to work longer and harder in the fields with less food. This is important in a society where most of the people are subsistence level farmers and food is not an easy or regular thing. The Timorese chew when visiting and greeting each other.

For more information about Betel nut and its place in Timorese society please click on the Timor icon on the main menu and select Culture.


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