TK1777- Bone Trio


These 3 treasures have been Hand-carved from a solid piece of bone that was last nights dinner. The scrimshaw continues around the whole body of the pieces. The motif are a rendition of Timorese KAIF ANA [a derivation of the hook and rhomba] representing the carvers clan totem and guardian spirit.

Using no more than a saw blade and a knife the artists create these timeless masterpieces. The plug and base are hand carved from red cedar wood which will continue to darken with age.

Tallest  –  19cm  /  7.5″

Diameter  –  3cm / 1.25″

330g  /  11.5oz.

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For more information about Betel nut and its place in Timorese society please click on the Timor icon on the main menu and select Culture.

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3 x Contemporary Bone lime powder containers, KAL AU, from TTS in the central highlands of West Timor.

The art of betel nut chewing and its accessories finds no equal when it comes to Timor.

Rich in meaning and deeply embedded in its culture, the Atoni have elevated the rituals surrounding it to great heights artistically as well as ceremonially.


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