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If you appreciate laser-like fine precision detailed handwork then you will love these superbly crafted betel nut/lime powder medicine containers from the central highlands of West Timor. Still made today following age old traditions by the talented carvers who, given the right encouragement, continue to make timeless tribal totems.


22cm  /  8.75" tall

100g  /  3.6oz.

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Because of the diameter of this treasure it must be sent as a parcel. You can put 2 or 3 items of similar weights into one parcel to maximize shipping.

In these humble pieces we find Timorese art at its most unaffected. The art of betel nut chewing and its accessories finds no equal when it comes to Timor. Rich in meaning and deeply embedded in its culture, the Atoni have elevated the rituals surrounding it to great heights artistically as well as ceremonially. Created by hand from bamboo, bone, coconut shell, gourd, buffalo horn and wood each is an original masterpiece.


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