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Kapok is making a comeback. Today we are looking to surround ourselves with more healthful things. We are demanding products that have integrity. We are interested in fibers that are less toxic, sustainable and well suited to the purpose they are intended. Kapok fulfills all these criterion. As well as being VEGAN and Vegetarian Ok.

No chemicals are used in the growing, cultivation, cleaning, transportation or production kapok fiber in our fantastic range.


CONSIDER KAPOK: Help reduce your environmental footprint & create balanced alignment while you sleep, during pregnancy, in your yoga or  meditation practice. Kapok has long been used throughout Asia, South America and Japan as filling for bolsters, pillows & cushions, mattresses & Zen Thai Shiatsu massage mats. Over the centuries it has been used, because of its thermal properties in padded suits in the Arctic, as life vests because of its water resistant hollow fibres, as bullet proof vests (in the days of shot guns), in sleeping bags and by jungle tribes on poison tipped arrows and darts for hunting and in the 18C it helped puff out the bustles of women’s skirts. And next time you watch the HOBBIT you can know that the Hobbits’ outfits are stuffed with our KAPOK.

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I have had clients state that their recollection of the kapok mattress that their parents had was of a lumpy solid mattress. Regretably in the west we were unaware that by simply putting our mattresses and pillows out into sunshine when they compact that they will puff back up like new. So have faith…you can have chemical free sustainable bedding which retains its soft support for decades.

KAPOK is the true ECO FIBER with the lowest carbon footprint of all plus it is durable and sustainable. There is no machinery processing apart from the ginning and carding/brushing to give us this magical fiber. We use Kapok Fiber sourced throughout the Indonesian archipelago = low eco-miles. A wonderful lightweight alternative to chemically treated cotton, wool and synthetics Kapok fibre is finer than cotton, with shorter strands making it ideal for filling yoga bolsters, cushions, doonas & mattresses.

Kapok Pillows, Bolsters, Doona’s, Mats and Mattresses are no longer hard to find thanks to our extensive range. Kapok fiber products are long lasting and well worth the extra price to practice living gently on the earth.Research into Kapok’s thermal properties prompted us to create a range of Doona’s, Quilts, Duvets, Comforters AND because we tailor make them here in Australia using Oeko-Tex® silky smooth shells we can make one side warmer/cooler than the other for those of you living with partners who steal or throw off the blankets because you have different sleeping temperatures.

We offer 2 choices of fabric for the inner shells of our pillows; soft and silky Organic Cotton sourced from Blessed Earth and a sturdier smooth Hemp and Organic cotton blend from HEMPwa. You can have them with or with out side zipper and low, medium or high loft all for the same price which includes postage to anywhere in Australia. Buy one or a pair we have separate listings for each selection.

We offer 2 sizes of Bolsters for use in restorative yoga poses, especially back stretching and 3 sizes of Body pillows that assist sleep and provide relief for pregnant women who really appreciate the support given in latter stages. They also make great ‘yoga lounge’s for reclining meditations, sleeping or just relaxing. Our bolsters come stuffed firmly with environmentally-friendly kapok with an inner shell of 100% calico cotton and a removable washable cotton cover. Kapok will ‘fluff up’ when placed in sunlight and is a third of the weight of cotton.

We first re-introduced KAPOK products into Australia in 1995 with humble beginnings in the highlands of West Timor. Demand has outstripped the capacity of the villagers there to supply enough fiber hence we have shifted to Java for our supply. Java is world renowned for the high quality of its Kapok fiber which is gathered throughout the length and breadth of the islands of Indonesia. The fiber is hand cleaned in the villages where it awaits collection at the end of the season for transport to the larger town centers. From there the kapok is shipped to cities with Kapok Cleaning machines very similar to our wool carding and brushing machines to fill our great range of products.

All of our pillows are made and filled here in Australia using our unique blowing technique which adds an extra dimension and loft to the already soft sumptuous Kapok. Care instructions are on the labels. Check out our extensive range by cliking on the individual listings.

Kapok is one of the few sustainable rainforest crops. Historically used by gurus, saints and masters kapok represented a prized possession and they marveled at its unique characteristics such as its ability to shape to the body then rebound to its original fluffy shape because of its fibrous air-filled tubes, it even floats! In Mayan myths the Kapok tree was sacred. They believed that the souls of the dead would climb into the branches which reached up and delivered them to heaven. *With a density of only 0,35 gr/cm³ Kapok is the lightest natural fibre in the world and is also called vegetal down, vegetal silk or vegetal cashmere.

Kapok, a pale silky fibre, is almost magical. It is soft, smooth, hygienic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan and environmentally friendly. It is breathable, allows air circulation and wicks away moisture. Kapok, Ceiba pentandra (Bombacaceae), is one of natures miracle trees and can grow as tall as 150ft in its native environment. The fibre itself comes from the seed pod of this majestic kapok tree. Much of the world’s kapok is wild harvested by locals therefore chemicals are not needed nor is the ground tilled in order to harvest its bounty, this helps keep the forest and timberland alive and healthy whilst provides sustainable low impact jobs within the forests.

Now a quick look at conventional cotton growing practices around the world. The *Sustainable Cotton Project estimates that the average acre of California cotton grown in 1995 received 1/3 pound of fertilizer to raise every pound of cotton. Synthetic fertilizers have been found to contaminate drinking wells in farm communities and pose other long-term threats to farm land. Of all insecticides used in the nineteen cotton growing states in America each year, the estimated amount used on traditional cotton is a staggering 25%. Cotton-growing practices in Third World countries have been implicated in ecological destruction as well as unjust treatment of labourers. Furthermore, conventional cotton farming worldwide, aside from using huge amounts of chemicals, requires vast quantities of fossil fuels to produce the chemicals and consumes vast amounts of topsoil and water in irrigating the fields with high eco-miles. Cotton absorbs moisture from the air, especially from perspiration, which leads to mould growth and allergens in pillows and bolsters.

Copyright October 22nd 2007.Information from Wikipedia, Various Internet Sources, Julie Emery, Sustainable Cotton Project. & *Piumafil Co.Germany

Naturally Organic Fairly Traded Kapok Products available: Calico shell.

See individual listings for more detail. Covers available for some.

Heavenly Head Pillow – Hemp/Organic Cotton blend- 70cm x 45cm – 625g Kapok w/-

zip or hand stitched seam

Heavenly Head Pillow – Organic Cotton Shell 70cm x 45cm – 625g Kapok fill w/- zip or hand stitched seam
Yoga bolsters/Body/Sleeping 72cm long x 23cm dia
85cm long x 25cm dia
95cm long x 23cm dia
Pregnancy Support/Dutch Wives 90cm long x 19cm dia
Neck & Lumbar Rolls 40cm long x 15cm dia
Massage Rolls 55cm long x 13cm dia
Baby Belly / Knee Rolls 20cm long x 8cm dia
Baby Belly Sleep Sets Double roll with cloth cover
Meditation / Chair Cushions 50cm x 50cm x 10cm
Lounge Cushion 35cm x 35cm x 6cm
V / U Shaped Cushion 65cm x 37cm x 10cm
Crescent Moon Zafu Meditation /Breast Feed 50cm x 17cm x 15cm
Large Crescent Moon Zafu Meditation 60cm x 25cm x 17cm
Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage / Meditation / Yoga – Cotton wadding fill 190cm long x 100cm wide x 3cm
MEGA Massage / Relaxation Mat Burgundy 215cm x 180cm x 3cm
Mattresses – kapok filled
Join 2 together to make King size. 195-205cm x 90cm x 17cm
Light and easy to lift to air outside.
Join 2 together to make Queen size. 195cm x 75cm x 17cm
Mini Futons / Sleeping Mats 180cm x 90cm x 6cm
Cot Mattress 130cm x 73cm x 6cm
Fiber- Grade 1 various quantities.

Not all products available at all times.

See individual listings

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