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Hand woven by Ibu Maria Abuk in the 1930s' when as a newly wed teenager. She was the first bride of the then King of Belu and they resided together in kampong (small village) Keletk in the desa (township) Failuka in Belu in West Timor.

This womans tais/tubular sarong has been beautifully preserved. Ibu Maria wove this cloth on a simple backstrap loom in which she herself tensions the warp threads. Ibu Maria has used the fine thread and subtle colours brought to Timor by the Chinese traders over 100 years ago. Beautiful buna- supplementary weft weaving has been used to create a series of motif squares that represent her status as the Queen. A worthy collectors piece.

132cm circumference x 140cm long

52" circ x 55" long 

Further images available upon request.

Timorese Textiles are a tradition in their own right. No two weavings are the same as the weaver is not allowed to weave the same "story" twice. Motifs and construction vary from area to area often changing every 2-3km. Timorese textiles are woven on a simple backstrap loom using 3 techniques. IKAT meaning to tie and denotes the pieces where the warp thread is tied off to produce the motif or pattern and dyed. LOTIS is supplementary weft weaving where the weft threads are "pulled" through to create a "negative" image on the reverse side. BUNA is where embroidery thread is wrapped into the weft to decorate the weaving. Commercial thread is smoother and thinner than handspun cotton. An amazing reference book has been compiled by Ruth Yeager and Mark Jacobson : Textiles of West Timor ISBN;974-4800-01-1 A worthy and worthwhile treatise.


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