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Hand-dyed and woven on a simple backstrap loom by Ibu Fera Tule, a lady who clearly enjoys life. Created using IKAT or tie dying this scarf displays a  variation on the flower motif in the central panel flanked by half flowers & scrollwork. The motif of this area lend back to the silk Patola cloth of India that came through the Spice lslands in the 1600s’.

Ndao is a small island off the coast of Rote in Eastern Indonesia and it is required that the men all be able to work silver and the women all weave prior to marriage. Created on a simple back strap loom which the woman herself tensions whilst seated on the ground. Weaving is done in between the daily chores often seated under palm trees or in small groups beneath thatch roofs. 

27cm wide x 143cm long

10.75″ wide x 56.5″ long.

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