W1307-SABU c1975


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 A stunning example from the area. All the more so because it has been handwoven using fine handspun cotton and the 3 colour ikat has been achieved using natural dyes.

The sarong has been woven in 2 panels and I estimate its age to be at least 25years. It is in excellent condition and feel the thread has softened with age and use. Lovely scrolling flower, vase and vine motif with little birds interspersed. A tubular ‘skirt’ worn by the women called Tais.

117cm circumference x 163cm long

46″ circumference  x  64″ long

Amongst the islands of Indonesia there are women who still weave in the traditional manner. Although handspun cotton has been all but replaced by commercial threads there are still many  fine weavings to be found. The women of Indonesia wear this style of tubular sarong as a skirt and they call it TAIS.


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