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A rarity in Alor is a scarf from handspun cotton. The use of natural dyes from the land and sea is well known but the art of spinning cotton has all but vanished from the Alorese chain of islands.

Handwoven on a simple backstrap loom on the island of Alor Besar in the village of Baulong by Ibu Asia Julibar who has created bands of Pelinta motif running down this fantastic scarf. 

Ibu Asia explained to me that this motif was representative of the totemic guardian spirits that guard and guide her island life.

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Ikat may be washed in the delicate cycle of your washing machine or handwashed using wool wash. The colours may run but do not be alarmed this fine weaving will mellow like fine wine.

134cm long x 20cm wide.

53″ long x 8″ wide.

Care instructions come with your treasure and this scarf can be posted to you in a large envelope.

Amongst the Islands of Alor, just off Timor, there are enclaves of women whose weavings are as determined as they are to be recognised. Hand woven on a simple back strap loom the women usually use a coarser commercial thread and combine their natural dyes with those available commercially. The ikat motif themes are of the sea that surrounds them and is their life giver turtles and fish , waves and clouds occasionally jelly fish , banyan trees (their Tree of Life), Pelinta – Flowers of the Sea, land animals and reflections on the, still in place, bride price elephants and moko drums. The weaver may produce three pieces that look similar to one another yet each has its subtle variations. The resulting fabric is ideal for use in clothing and accessories and would make original and strong cushion covers or upholstery fabric.

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