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Here we have a lovely and rare example of the variation of the Jungle chicken or FUT'MANU that the village of Tunbessi is reknown for.

Executed in 100% handspun cotton and natural morinda and indigo dye with highlights of jungle peanut yellow, green and tan to compliment the 2 major IKAT or tie dye bands and the numerous smaller bands.

115cm wide x 194cm long.

45" wide x 76" long.

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Timorese Textiles are a tradition in their own right. Still woven on a simple back strap loom and used daily by the Atoni, no two weavings are the same as the weaver is not allowed to weave the same "story" twice. Motifs and construction vary from area to area often changing every 2-3km. Following centauries old tradition the weavers create these masterpieces using 3 very differing techniques. IKAT meaning to tie and denotes the pieces where the warp thread is tied off to produce the motif or pattern and dyed. LOTIS is supplementary weft weaving or 'float' weave where the weft threads are "pulled" through to create a "negative" image on the reverse side. In the elaborate BUNA pieces embroidery thread is wrapped into the weft during the weaving process to decorate the weaving. Commercial thread is smoother and thinner than handspun cotton. An amazing reference book has been compiled by Ruth Yeager and Mark Jacobson : Textiles of West Timor ISBN;974-4800-01-1 A worthy and worthwhile treatise for anyone interested in delving into the incredible wealth inherent in Timorese Textiles.


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