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 This Men's betel nut bag, called ALUK in local Timorese language, has been handwoven on a simple backstrap loom using old commercial trade thread. On what is now a faded red background the weaver has wrapped embroider thread around the warp as she is weaving in the supplementary method to create this central stripe of KAIF motif which tells of the weavers clan and totemic guardian spirits. There are 2 more stripes of symbolic motif bordering it.

The mouth of the bag has been decorated with 5sen Indonesian coins from the 1950,s that have been cut in half then meticuosley drilled and attached. The edges of the half coins have been rounded so as not to be sharp. The handle is decorated on the visible parts front and back with complete coins drilled and attached in the same manner.

The old glass bead tassels that drop from the mouth of the bag have a double tail and there is a string of various beads ended with a coin. 

This bag came from an ADAT or traditional house in the Nunkolo area on the south coast of West Timor and was bought to me in 2008 by the elderly and blind Bapak Augustinus Tefa. C1950. 

11cm wide x 13cm high.

4.5" wide x 5" high.

89cm / 35" handle.

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For more information about Betel nut and its place in Timorese society please go to Julies site www.timortreasures.com/julie or clik link under paypal sign on the left top of home page and look under Culture in Timor.



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