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This men’s betel nut bag or ALUK as it is called by the local Atoni Timorese has been handwoven on a simple backstrap loom using commercial trade thread.

The entire body of the bag has been created by the weaver in a wrapping embroider thread technique commonly known around the world as KELIM. She has wrapped the thread around the warp as she is weaving to create a KAIF motif which tells of the weavers clan and totemic guardian spirits. Then created a central kelim or BUNA band with totemic symbols that match the handle. She has further embellished the mouth of the ALUK with decorative fine kelim strips.

The handle is intact and sports one of the most beautifully executed fine kelim I have seen in a Timorese textile. The patterns that cascades along its length is a series of power symbols from an area in West Timor still feared for its head hunting prowess. Even today people are still warned off going into the area. C1950. 

23cm wide x 25cm high.

9" wide x 10" high.

120cm / 47" handle.

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For more information about Betel nut and its place in Timorese society please go to Julies site www.timortreasures.com/julie or clik link under paypal sign on the left top of home page and look under Culture in Timor.  


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