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Handwoven on a simple back strap loom in the village of Ayotupas which is an area famed for its intricately contrasting motif work. High in the mountian of West Timor the weaving women of Ayotupas have a world wide reputation for their visually stunning and highly collectable cloth. Embroider thread has been carefully wrapped around the warp thread as the scarf is being woven on a simple back strap loom in a method of weaving called BUNA. The weaver of this fine textile has taken the time to create a continuous motif.

This scarf is soft to the touch and has been woven from Handspun cotton and a delightful range of natural dyes. The colour combination is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye and the ends have been twisted. This is a rare colour combination and the earth tones represented here compliment so well that the overall effect is very pleasing.  

Anthropomorphic figures adorn the central band bordered by beautiful butterfly motifs with Kaif Ana and decorative borders. In the Kaif ana the weaver of this lovely piece has given us her interpretation of the hook and rhomb motif that came to Timor in the 1600’s in silk Patola trade cloth and then wove its way into the textiles the length and breadth of NTT provinces in the eastern end of Indonesia.

Selandang or bet’ana represent traditional clothing as it can be very cold in the mountains of central Timor and smooth to the touch. Worn by both men and women either around the neck or on top of the head to help with balancing pots of water, bundles of sticks for fires or branches of feed for cows all of which must often be carried up to 5 miles daily. 

Dry clean if needed, can be washed by hand using wool wash.

40 wide x 15cm long.

16 wide x 82long

Care instructions come with your treasure. Can be posted flat in a large envelope.

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