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From Grass Roots to You – Kapok has benefits beyond boundaries.

Our mission is to make available sustainable toxin free natural fiber bedding whilst supporting low impact capacity building industry for villagers throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Wild crafted and organically grown, kapok is made into our extensive range of products in Timor, Java and Australia. Kapok is one of the few sustainable rainforest crops and there are no chemicals used in the growing, harvesting, cleaning, transportation, importation and product creation. Kapok is a lightweight, natural fiber,vegan alternative to chemically treated cotton, wool, feathers and synthetics. Kapok fiber is finer than cotton, with short hollow moisture resistant strands and it has its own natural anti-bacterial making it ideal for stuffing especially pillows and mattresses as dust mites do not survive. Vegan & Vegetarian Ok.

We offer bolsters, pillows, doona’s and mattresses in a variety of sizes and diameters to cater for all types of bodies and yoga styles. Being a natural fiber there is slight compaction over time however, Kapok has the unique quality of ‘fluffing up’ and refreshing itself hundreds of times simply by being placed in sunlight.  Lots more information on our Y Information page.

Hi. I’m Julie Emery I have been trading in Timorese handcraft since 1990. I am based on the Sunshine Coast in Queenland Australia- This project is a collaboration with the villagers in West Timor and Javaese who wild harvest the kapok and craft the mattresses and mats in our range. Locally we engage seamstresses and our unique blowing technique gives a whole new meaning to LOFT in our doona’s and heavenly head pillows.
Our pillows are made here in Australia using quality Kapok and locally sourced fabric.

We hold stocks of most of our products please email, phone us or place your order through the shopping cart and we will confirm.

Become a stockist in an ever growing market of savvy consumers looking to detoxify and be more sustainable in their lives. Contact Julie 07 54491498 or julie@timortreasures.com .

Freight is included in all our listings except for international and multiple buys [unless stated]. The more we can pack into a parcel the better the freight rates get. We use Australia Post or You are welcome to nominate your own carrier.  Postage for additional items varies depending on where you are in Australia. Bulk/Wholesale orders are welcomed on certain lines, minimum quantities apply.

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