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I have completed my B of A degree in Development Studies, Sustainability and Indonesian and am looking forward to spending time going through my recently upgraded website tidying it up, adding photos and regaling you with new and awesome treasures.

Are you looking for truly authentic, fairly traded, traditional handcrafts from Timor. Genuinely unique carvings and textiles are so hard to find now. Within this site you will find a people & craft so heartfelt & original that both collectors and the curious alike are impressed.

Join me for a journey through timeless Timor or you go straight to my store (link above) where you can select from Masks made of wood, gourd, coconut shell, fossil coral, buffalo horn & bone scrimshaw. We also have Curios that will make your jaw drop in wonder that such items are available and still being made today by craftsmen skilled in the old ways. Wooden Ancestor figures & totemic guardian spirit Statues, along with high quality Sandalwood Oil and Incense. Naturally Organic Kapok Heavenly Head Pillows, Yoga Bolsters, Body/Sleeping/Pregnancy Bolsters, Neck & Lumbar rolls, Meditation /Chair cushions, Crescent Zafu/Breast Feeding Cushions along with traditional Pandanus Grass Woven Mats, Bags & Baskets.

Timorese Ikat weaving is in a class of its own and in my opinion highly underrated in the textile world considering that it is still a lived/living tradition. Every textile is unique and tells its own story. They represent a signature piece of the weaver. The combination of colors and motifs and construction vary every 3-5km making the variety available so extensive that documenting the range of textiles that Timor has, would be a lifetime occupation in itself. The weaving is created on simple back strap looms high in the mountains where it is cold and often using handspun cotton and natural dyes.

Ogle at the extensive array of Betel Nut and Lime Powder containers made from bamboo, wood, gourd, coconut shell, buffalo horn & bone scrimshaw, no two are ever the same. You will find Betel Nut Crushers & Cutters, Betel nut offering containers as well as men’s and women’s Betel Nut Bags to keep it all in.

Like Timor’s incredibly intricate Betel Nut paraphernalia and its varied textile tradition I believe Timor is still highly underrated and just now gaining the recognition so richly deserved in the world arena. Through my site and personal contacts I present you with a perfect opportunity to avail yourselves of the real thing and support living artists. Timor is a limestone atoll and life there is not easy, for those outside the towns, but it is accountable and has great cultural depth in ways that we in the west have never known or have forgotten.

My name is Julie Emery, I based in Queensland Australia and I have been a field collector in Timor since my first foray in to the highlands in 1990. I trade directly with the artists, weavers & mountain people learning about and encouraging cultural integrity. Please be assured that all items are paid for on the spot at prices that, both the Timorese are happy with and that enable me to present to you original works of art and collectables at very realistic market prices. Products in MY STORE do not yet include freight, KAPOK products are the exception as freight to anywhere in Australia is included. We are developing a code system so that you can calculate national and international freight, however until that is ironed out Please place your order or email or call for quotes prior to paying. Please wait for an invoice from us. I am happy to combine multiple items to maximize your shipping. You are also welcome to use your own carrier.

You are welcome to contact me through this website,visit my online store, call + 61 0428 393 412 or email julie@timortreasures.com