Travelling In Timor – Part II

Around the SoE Area

You must make your own way to and from the ‘sights ‘ around SoE. These are Oehalla waterfall, Kapan and Fatumnasi (Bonsai and bat caves on top of the world) to the north, and Kolbano and Oetune beaches to the south and Buat an Indonesian idea of a recreation park. From top to bottom; Kolbano, Fatuat, Oehalla, Taumkessi, Unab, Fatumnasi & Bonsai forest

Transport off the main road has become easier in the last couple of years with banks loaning many young men money to purchase a motor-cycle (never more than 125cc) and they make money to pay it off by accepting fares the same as the local bus or bemo and it is service to your door. Some of the wiser operators of ‘ojek’ carry a spare helmet and it is advisable to use it when on rough roads, although they have a vested interest in keeping both you and their cycle intact.

There is basic accommodation at Kolbano (Joy’s Homestay), and in Fatumnasi which is shrouded in mist most days from 3pm to 9am. Again bring your own food to off the main road places. There is no accommodation out of the main towns. Nembrella in Roti and La Petit Homestay in little Alor are exceptions and are used to catering for Westerners.